This or that: Floppy sun hat or sunglasses?

June 24, 2013

The beautiful summer officially here! Yay! Before you jump in your sexy bikini or maillot and put a sunscreen on (don’t forget about it!), answer my last “This or That” question for this season.

this or that: floppy sun hat or sunglasses

What is your summer must have outfit? I can answer without a hesitation: sunglasses. I have one pair only and I have them with me everywhere I go. However I love big floppy hats so who knows, maybe I will get one this summer too?

Have a lovely summer everyone! – Asia (This or That contributor)

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**today’s “This or That” is the last of its season. We’re taking a break during the summer season and will returning back in the fall.

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  • I LOVE the look of hats (helloooo Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), but I’ve never been a hat person. They make my head hot and itchy and mess up my hair haha. I’m MUCH more of a sunglasses person in sunny weather. Till next season! – Micaela

  • Sunglasses all the way!

  • i am definitely more of a floppy hat kind of girl.

    xoxo, Oleah

  • Definitely a floppy hat! I’ve never been much of a sunglasses person because they always look strange on my face…

  • I’m definitely a hat girl! My face is too small for sunglasses, I look like some sort of insect… On the other hand, almost all sorts of hats looks good on me!

  • I always wear sunglasses (the bigger the better!) but when I’m going to be out in the sun I wear a hat as well.

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